hmmm ..

who doesnt want that person that you can sit with and have mature conversations about your past, present and future. At that moment you sit in front of each other as friends. Two different chairs, two different people, not strangers but acquaintances. You criticize each other, but don’t take it offensively. You do not show any affection toward each other, but in the back of your mind you think of how lucky you are to have him. You smile at the way he smiles while he shares his story. You leave your seat and he touches you from behind while you open the sliding doors. Not a sexual touch, but a hand on a shoulder. This touch comforts you. Sometimes you’re scared to speak how much you like him, he might not believe you, you don’t even believe it yourself. So you smile it off, you know you’ll be his and he’ll be yours.

You regress in time and begin to joke around. You both are now little kids flirting and teasing each other. You kiss and push each other around the his bedroom until you both fall onto the bed. You laugh and snort stupidly, but you feel no shame. He laughs with you assuring its okay with how dumb you might feel sometimes. Then he pulls you close and cuddles you in between the covers. Kisses here and there. You don’t want too much but you don’t want too little. He knows exactly what you want and where you want them. You don’t want him to stop but you want to actually watch whats on TV.

You daze off in your separate worlds, then you come back to earth and you give him a kiss on the chest to remind him you’re still here. He shakes you up to make sure you’re still awake. You slowly feel yourself drifting into sleep. He kisses you on your forehead and before you close your eyes, you kiss his hand and it crosses your mind how grateful you are to have him, you feel like you want to cry because its unbearable how happy he makes you. You look up and smile, nothing can separate you, you’re no longer two people, but one.

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